python_pachyderm.pps_client module


class PpsClient


def __init__(

self, host=None, port=None, auth_token=None)

Creates a client to connect to PPS.

host: The pachd host. Default is 'localhost', which is used with pachctl port-forward port: The port to connect to. Default is 30650 auth_token: The authentication token; used if authentication is enabled on the cluster. Default to None.

def create_job(

self, transform, pipeline, pipeline_version, parallelism_spec, inputs, egress, service, output_repo, output_branch, parent_job, resource_spec, input, new_branch, incremental, enable_stats, salt, batch)

def create_pipeline(

self, pipeline_name, transform=None, parallelism_spec=None, hashtree_spec=None, egress=None, update=None, output_branch=None, scale_down_threshold=None, resource_requests=None, resource_limits=None, input=None, description=None, cache_size=None, enable_stats=None, reprocess=None, batch=None, max_queue_size=None, service=None, chunk_spec=None, datum_timeout=None, job_timeout=None, salt=None, standby=None, datum_tries=None, scheduling_spec=None, pod_spec=None, pod_patch=None)

def delete_all(


def delete_job(

self, job_id)

def delete_pipeline(

self, pipeline_name, delete_jobs=False, delete_repo=False, all=False)

def garbage_collect(


def get_logs(

self, pipeline_name=None, job_id=None, data_filters=(), master=False)

def inspect_datum(

self, datum)

def inspect_job(

self, job_id, block_state=False)

def inspect_pipeline(

self, pipeline_name)

def list_datum(

self, job_id)

def list_job(

self, pipeline=None, input_commit=None)

def list_pipeline(


def rerun_pipeline(

self, pipeline_name, exclude=(), include=())

def restart_datum(

self, job_id, data_filters=())

def start_pipeline(

self, pipeline_name)

def stop_job(

self, job_id)

def stop_pipeline(

self, pipeline_name)